Physical Stocktaking

The annual or interim (periodical) physical inventories is a necessity for any business which retains stock. Accurate stocktaking is required for the annual accounting and tax procedures, and the periodical management controls, as well as for highlighting any internal or external stock losses at any time.

The stocktaking is carried out without causing any disruption to normal (sales/trade) operations while the relevant data are produced on site and presented on certain documentation supporting the relevant accounting entries.

Innovative Equipment

Our highly trained stocktakers plan the physical inventory by charting and dividing the relevant space into inventory zones and they proceed to counting one-by-one the stock items by using the suitable equipment.  The outcome of the physical counting is updated in real time and posted on-line to our customised software.  Repetitive sample checks take place in accordance with a procedure protocol followed in order to safeguard the accuracy of the stocktaking.

Company Benefits

Increased sales.
o No capital investment for hand held technology or lengthy software development.
Access to sophisticated reporting solutions that would rarely be justifiable for a one client solution.
Minimal disruption to store staff.
Total independence.
Reduced shrinkage.
Store staff concentrate on core activity – selling.
Improved customer satisfaction and stock availability.
Guaranteed accuracy.
Substantially reduced salary costs if you currently use an in house team.
Detailed reporting.